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This website (currently being built), has been designed as a team resource, namely, a one stop shop for keeping you abreast of the latest announcements and updates related to your ASEA business, along with providing you with a set of tools, resources and a sound training and duplication platform ready to support you in your ASEA journey.

We congratulate you on your decision to educate yourself about ASEA’s products, culture and opportunity, and to learn as your earn. When you duplicate the tools and resources contained in this website you’re able to build a more efficient business, recognise success more quickly and teach others how to do the same. (In short, you’ll be able to pay it forward in a more meaningful and expedient manner.)

Welcome to our team, we’re looking forward to getting to know you and assisting you in your journey of discovery along with the achievement of your ASEA goals and dreams. 

On a final note, here’s one our favourite quotes from Eric Worre, “It’s not what works, it’s what duplicates!”










Melissa and Bart Kotter
(ASEA Double Diamond Associates)

P.S: Dream BIG, you’re WORTH IT!