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Executive Bio’s

Bart and Melissa Kotter
ASEA’s Founder Verdis Norton

In 2010 Bart and Melissa were in the process of relocating from Midway, Utah, to Australia. They advertised a garage sale and that’s when they met Jon Norton, the son of ASEA’s Founder, Verdis Norton.

Melissa struck up a conversation with Jon and was taken by his passion for ASEA the product, and his admiration and respect for his Father Verdis, whom Jon mentioned was in the process of starting up an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company.

Having been involved in the MLM industry for many years, both Bart and Melissa were not entirely happy with the company they were both involved with at the time, due to some core integrity issues, and although they had a substantial global income to protect, Melissa remembers storing Jon’s details in the forefront of her mind for some unexplained reason.

After moving to Australia, Bart was approached at least 20 times by several friends and acquaintances about ASEA. He was curious, but did not take action, mainly due to ASEA not having a presence in Australia at that time.

Fast forward four years later to 2014 and a very close friend of Bart and Melissa’s, Ed Wiens, called Bart and asked him to take another serious look at ASEA. To Bart, this was his wake-up call as it came at exactly the right time when he was ready to listen.

A couple of ASEA video’s later, and both Bart and Melissa were fully engaged in building a strong international ASEA business.

What was the deciding factor? They were both struck with the integrity, honesty and sincerity of ASEA’s leadership and the irrefutable science behind ASEA’s products. They quickly came to discover what Jon Norton was talking about in their driveway years earlier.

What started out as a mild curiosity soon developed into a deep personal responsibility to educate people about Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) and their impact on cellular health and healing.

Bart was on a plane back to his native Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend a “Fly-in” event at ASEA’s corporate offices and to meet the founders of ASEA and spend time with ASEA’s executives, as well as Dr. Gary Samuelson (the Atomic Medical Physicist who stabilized the molecules outside the body) and tour ASEA’s manufacturing facility.

Within a few short months both Bart and Melissa had achieved the Gold Executive Leadership level and were well on their way to establishing a large sustainable ASEA business across both Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Two years later they are currently Double Diamond Associates with ASEA and they have their sights set on taking as many members of their team as possible on the journey to the top with them.


bart-01Bart’s has been a recognized leader in the MLM industry since his inception into the industry in 1994. He set a record in his previous company moving from an entry level position to the top of the company in a record breaking time that still stands today.

Bart’s background has been in sales, with a pre-MLM career working with the Chamber of Commerce in Maui, Hawaii, and for a chain of well-known jewellery stores throughout the USA.

His attraction to the MLM industry stemmed from a strong independent drive to be an entrepreneur and also from Bart’s genuine respect for the entrepreneurial spirit that he believes resides at the core of each and every one of us. He recognizes these qualities in his ASEA team members and is 100% committed to helping people design their future.

He understands the concept of paying it forward and truly believes that the strong eight figure income he earned with his previous company has taught him both skills and talents that he must share with others to help them out of the rat race and enjoy a similar lifestyle to the one he’s been afforded.

Bart’s grateful to have travelled the world with his children and provided them with experiences that have added a significant variety to their lives. He was able to attend all of their school events and be at home with them, and for them, no matter the time of day.

Bart loves MLM and recognizes the evolution in the industry and how much more professional it has become since he started over 21 years ago. “With the addition of technology and social media it is so much easier to disseminate information and build networks quickly across international borders.”

Bart is a driven leader who is honoured to be serving as a force for good through his ASEA business.

He is building his ASEA business with his Australian wife Melissa, and they currently reside in Noosa, Queensland, Australia where Bart’s just become a dual citizen of both Australia and the USA.

He loves people, travelling, inspiring leadership in others and teaching people that this business is really about doing a few simple things and doing them well.

In Bart’s words, “I am a Husband, a Father, a Network Marketing Professional, I AM ASEA”


melissa-01As a young 20 year old Melissa graduated with a Bachelor of Science and soon landed a career with a leading pharmaceutical company based in Sydney, Australia.

According to Melissa, this is where she cut her teeth in sales and marketing and also learned that the corporate world, for her at least, wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. She was quickly recognized for her successful selling techniques and relationship building with integrity; however, a personal health crisis soon exposed a deep integrity crisis that paved a direct path into an 20 year career in the health and wellness industry.

Melissa was hospitalized with meningitis and encephalitis in 1995 and as she laid in intensive care fighting for her life, she was offered a pharmaceutical drug by her medical doctor, that she was very familiar with because she was personally selling it to hundreds of Doctors and Specialists herself at the time.

Knowing that the product’s efficacy was based on stopping the replication of certain DNA in the cells, she knew she’d have a fighting chance if she didn’t take the pharmaceutical. Having made this decision, she knew that when she walked out of the hospital that she couldn’t continue her career and sleep at night knowing that she wasn’t living her life on purpose, in integrity and with meaning. She couldn’t sell a product she didn’t believe in.

So, she was drawn into a business partnership with a recently qualified Chiropractor and together they leased practices in South Australia and founded and operated three very successful Chiropractic clinics in Far North Queensland for several years.

Melissa loved working within the Chiropractic profession, recognizing the vital need to remove interferences from the central nervous system, without the need for pharmaceuticals, and in doing so placing the body in the best possible position to do what it was designed to do, and that is to heal itself with the intelligence it was created with.

She also developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a love for living her life, her way. However, a small challenge started to present itself at that time and it was being time poor. She was working over 12 hour days, five days a week and knew that a holiday would mean a possible reduction in patient retention.

She knew there had to be a better way. So Melissa embarked on a Master in Business Administration from James Cook University in Far North Queensland, graduating at the top of her class, where she researched several industries and studied global business trends in an effort to find a business model that she could excel in, exercise a high level of integrity in and earn money during her sleep.

After graduation, Melissa pursued a successful full time career in the network marketing industry, centered on a health and wellness company. She realized an income potential beyond her wildest dreams and in a very short period of time she rose to a strong leadership position and has never looked back.

In Melissa’s words, “you don’t need an MBA to be successful in this business, just a Master’s in wanting a better life for yourself and PhD in helping to develop people.”

Melissa’s philosophy in life is rooted in a deep desire to help others live their life to their fullest potential and on purpose.

To Melissa, “Living a life well lived is the best way to say thank you.”

In Melissa’s words, I am a wife, I am here for a reason, I am a Network Marketing Professional…I AM ASEA.”



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“To build a massive global team of visionary leaders who are passionate about ASEA’s products, culture and opportunity and who are driven to make a huge difference to the lives of others.”

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