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PowerPoint Presentations

Discover ASEA PowerPoint Presentation – 15 August 2016 version.

A great deal of thought and work has gone into creating this PowerPoint presentation with contributions to its content from some of the most senior ASEA Associates. With duplication in mind it is suggested that you use the presentation in its original format and with its original content without changes. If however, you feel the need to swap out slides or add content please remember that the presentation is designed to take 45 minutes to present. (In the near future there will be a video available outlining how to deliver this presentation in the best way.)

The below link will start a download of the current version of the Discover ASEA PowerPoint presentation of 32.1MB.
Download Now
The below link will start a download of the 3 videos that you will need to have on any device (computer, laptop, tablet) you plan to use to play the PowerPoint presentation. The videos will download as single compressed ZIP file of 89.35MB which you will need to expand and save to your computer.
Download Now

Important: please follow the below instructions to enable the PowerPoint to play the videos during presentation on your device.

Once you have downloaded all the files you must:

  • Open the Powerpoint file on your desktop
  • Locate each of the video slides in the presentation one by one
  • Click the play icon in the slide editor to the right
  • When the dialogue box pops up find and select the correct video for each video slide
  • You will need to this for all slides to ensure they are available to play when presenting

Once this is done the videos will be playable when you are presenting the PowerPoint. The video below also explains the process.